A festival of films made by young people aged 6 – 18

1st-3rd September 2023

“Giving voice to our children for their future”


1. We accept submissions of short films only, made by young people aged 6 – 18. The maximum length is 15 minutes for all categories except for films entered in the concept category NO BULLIES HERE, the maximum length for these films is 10 minutes.

2. Submissions are only accepted through FILMFREEWAY.
If you encounter an issue, please contact

3. Entries close at Midnight (Australian eastern daylight time) on 26th August 2022

4. Fees are set according to an estimate of the festival breaking even. This is a Not For Profit festival. Fee waivers are available on application: send an email to
explaining the reason you cannot afford the fee. You will need to provide your country of production and residence. Entry fees are not refunded if the film is not selected or is ineligible to screen at the festival.

5. The Deadline for submissions is August 26th,2022

6. LICFF is held in the beautiful Yarra Ranges, Melbourne, Australia.

7. Submission material must be available for the entire submission period. LLICFF cannot reconsider any updates or edits to a film that has already been submitted.

8. The maximum length for submissions is 15 minutes including titles and credits.
Except for films entered in the concept category NO BULLIES HERE, the maximum length for these films is 10 minutes

9. Films may be submitted in any language, however, films not in English must contain English subtitles. LLICFF encourages international participation and we want to hear from you.

10. You can submit more than one film. We want to see your work, and welcome as many submissions as you’d like to send us. If you are a school planning on submitting more than 4 films, please contact us for information on a discounted submission fee.

11. COPYRIGHT CLEARANCES: You MUST own all the copyrights and have written permissions when necessary to use all underlying works in your film, including music, performances and script. Young people check with your parents and teachers about this need.

11. The majority of the film must have been made by young people aged between ages 6 and 18. You can include adults as performers in your film, but the scripting, direction and crewing of your film must have been done mostly by young people. However, we do recognise that adult filmmaking mentors and school teachers are often on board to help you.

LLICFF recognises that help is often needed by young people learning to be filmmakers. We want you to give it a go, so yes ask for help from an adult when you need it. We are professional filmmakers, we can tell when a film has been made by a professional filmmaker! and so we are more interested in the story you have to tell, than whether it’s technically great.

12. Any submission material received such as a DVD or BLURAY screener will not be returned. We strongly advise using the FILMFREEWAY upload platform. If a DCP is available please inform our programmers.

13. Short films screened at other festivals are still eligible for submission.

14. Non-eligible: films that have been broadcast on the internet or available for download in any capacity are not eligible for submission. However, films available online via secure password-protected sites are eligible.

15. LLICFF is not able to respond to every filmmaker regarding the status of their film. Notifications will be sent in early June.

16. LLICFF selection decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. We do not provide critical analysis or feedback.

17. If after submitting to LLICFF your film becomes ineligible ( broadcast on television, available online etc), it will be automatically removed from consideration and submission fees will not be refunded.

18. LLICFF reserve the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed by the Festival to be age inappropriate.

19. Participants are urged to make available all requested publicity materials for promotion. All contact persons of selected films will receive a request for catalogue materials upon confirming participation in the festival.

20. After official selection of a film, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 3 minutes, nationally and internationally for promotional purpose. In the event that excerpts are not available, the Festival is qualified to copy, under its strict supervision, one or more excerpts from the film for promotional use.

21. All officially selected films and the award-winning films will be required to give LLICFF screening rights on all platforms including but not exclusive to Cinema screens, digital broadcast platforms, LLICFF website program listings and jury preview platforms. Award-winning films will be available for viewing on the LLICFF website for twelve months following the festival awards ceremony. This is a non-exclusive right.

22. By submitting a film to LLICFF you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

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Lantern and Light International Children's Film festival
Lantern and Light International Children's Film festival
Lantern and Light International Children's Film festival Lantern and Light International Children's Film festival

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